A delightful afternoon with Linda Nelson & Michael Madison: Indie Rights Inc.

With the charming, Christian, at the Arena Cinelounge Hollywood! Feeling supported and inspired to share our film with the beautiful people of Los Angeles!

Our movie poster, beautifully displayed outside the entrance to our movie theatre at the Arena Cinelounge Hollywood! Watch out for updates on the Red Carpet Première, on Good Friday, the 19th of April!

The gorgeous theatre that is soon playing our film, ‘His Father’s Voice’. Book your tickets now: 19th April to 25th April at the Arena Cinelounge Hollywood ! The best surround sound, fantastic film projection, elegant ambience, and so much more …. ! Come one, Come all, and share in the joy of our beautiful film, ‘His Father’s Voice’, premièring at the Arena Cinelounge Hollywood, from 19th April to 25th April in Hollywood!

At the festive and most inspired Opening Night Gala at IFFLA (Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles)!

Behold this amazing pre-screening slide of our film, ‘His Father’s Voice’, that appears in this most elegant auditorium, which will show many wonderful films at this reputed Festival 11th to 14th April ! Love the team! Love the ambience! Love the spirit and the attitude of all the people working hard, behind this well orchestrated festival of IFFLA !!!

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